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  • 25 dark tales by Shelby Patrick

Detailed Bio

Shelby Patrick, born and raised in southeastern Michigan, grew up watching classic horror movies of the great Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing. She turned her love of horror into the written word during her senior year in high school when she was introduced to her first writing class. She spent a great deal of time attempting to perfect her writing and researching markets. Nine years later, her dream became reality. She had her first short story published in a literary magazine. That same year, she also had an article published on the art of self-defense in Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated.

Shelby has published various articles throughout the Internet and created several e-books that are currently in circulation.

Not only does she work avidly with thrillers, but she continues to work with her other favorite genres: Fantasy and Science Fiction. She is currently working on a supernatural novel involving a serial killer.

Shelby was the founder of the now-defunct Michigan Horror Writers and the editor for several newsletters. Besides writing and dreaming, her other interests include martial arts, animals, and astronomy.


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Behind Closed Doors       Under a Watchful Eye


Shelby Patrick

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