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Looking for a Fiction Editor:

** To be considered for the job, you MUST submit an edited sample after filling out the application. Sample choices for editing will appear on the thank you page after clicking the submission button below. Please do your edits in MS Word, with track changes. I want to see what is edited. Do NOT just rewrite the samples with your changes as I won't be able to tell what was edited without comparing it to the original. Because I have a lot of applications, I can only reply to the ones that follow my instructions and I am interested in working with. Thank you! **

Here's the deal:
I write horror, fantasy, thrillers, science fiction, and erotic horror.

I have been working with several editors for a few years now; unfortunately, we keep hitting snags and I have to continue finding new editors. What I really need is someone who can work with me for awhile and not fade away or suddenly want more money.

My past editors work as follows: I pay $25 up front. They will then read over the initial manuscript, perform line edits and check for grammatical errors, passive voice, the overuse of pronouns, etc. They will also check for inconsistencies in my plot, story lines that don't make sense, characters that don't fit, story structure, and areas that I need to work on, etc. In essence, they do it all, then send me back chapter by chapter with their notes and comments. Once I receive this initial draft back in full, I pay $25.

I usually wait until I have the complete manuscript back before I start on a rewrite. Rewrites can take awhile, but once I'm finished, I'll send the revision back to my editor for his final comments (at no additional cost).

He also will look over and comment on my query letters and synopsis; although, some of my manuscripts are to be self-published so this won't apply to those. After the second read-through and final notes, I send the rest of the payment ($25).

During the course of our working together, I ask him for advice on various topics such as getting reviews, selling my books at conventions, dressing up at book signings, where I should be promoting, etc. -- basically author stuff. I need an editor who knows the publishing business, what sells, and how to sell it.

I may ask to have a short story edited or rewritten into a script I can turn into a short film. Or I might ask for advice on creating a trailer for my book. I might even ask you to just critique something.

In short, I'm looking to have a long-term business relationship with an editor that isn't afraid to step outside of the box. The downside: I can't offer more than $100 for a manuscript; although, it is my goal to put out three to five books per year, so I can keep you busy. NOTE: I REALLY NEED SOMEONE FOR THE NOVEL EDITING; EVERYTHING ELSE IS OPTIONAL AND NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR THE JOB.

Short Story edits: $25 - $50, depending on the length.
Rewriting a short story into a script: $50 - $75, depending on the length.
Critiquing: $25 - $50, depending on what needs to be critiqued.

Why am I offering so little for a lot of work? I deliver newspapers, which doesn't pay very well. I have had three fiction and two non-fiction books self-published, but have only sold on average 30 books each. My expenses far outweigh my income at this point. However, I am a struggling writer and this has been my dream for twenty-some years now. Since I have delved into the self-publishing business, I would not ever think of putting out a book without having an editor take a stab at it.

If you are interested in helping me out, please fill out the form below. Once the form has been submitted and you are taken to the thank you page, I have links to download a few sample chapters of manuscripts in progress. Please select one (or more) and give it your best shot and send me your sample edits so that I can make a decision. I would like to have one male and one female editor on retainer since I have noticed views can be different between the sexes and sometimes I may need the expert advice of one or the other.

I would like the editor to start at the beginning of February. I'm currently working with an erotic horror novel and want this to be my best work so far. I have had a couple of editors look at it already and have rewritten it more than once but it still needs fine tuning. This is supposed to be the start of a series involving the same characters so I will need to know if the characters work and if my readers would want to continue reading about them, or if not, advice on improving them to be "lovable".

Thank you!

Shelby Patrick

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