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  • 25 dark tales by Shelby Patrick

My dear friends,

Life sucks...and then we die!

Things have changed over the past couple of years. All I ever wanted was to be an author. I made it, somewhat. But alas, my thirst for knowledge almost ended me.

My topic of choice to write about became a real nightmare for me. It's ironic that I write about demons and Hell. I never imagined I would meet the devil himself and wind up living in a Hell of my own making.

But I'm a survivor. There must be a plan for me.

It's been awhile since I last visited anything to do with writing, which used to be my safe haven. And now I'm struggling to return to the fold. Keep your fingers crossed.

And never give up on your dreams, even if you put them on hold for awhile.

God Bless!

Shelby Patrick

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